We have high quality Sheffield made knives and Sheffield made scissors produced by Sheffield craftsmen. Our Sheffield Bushcraft and survival knives are amongst the finest you can buy. Our new page includes items made utilising historic & exotic wood including knives made using the original teak decking  from the Royal Yacht Brittania

Newly arrived on our new web site is a range of pens using the oak from HMS Victory. Also we have wood from Lee Enfield rifle butts which we have used for Great War Commemorative folding knives. http://www.typenet.com

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We now have the folding knives made with scales from the ancient oak of HMS Victory Nelson’s flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar. click here to see them

If you do not want to pay online you can telephone us and pay over the phone. 01474879923

Sheffield is still home to skilled artisans making knives and scissors using traditional methods. Largely hand made working in small factories traditional quality products are being created preserving the highly skilled techniques which have always been the hallmark of Sheffield made knives. Sheffield knives are not only fine utilitarian objects they are collectors items in their own right and can be valued for many years.  These are not mass produced items these are the products of craftsmen with decades of experience and whether its Sheffield made pen knives or Sheffield made scissors you can find them on the links below. Additionally we have produced a range of commemorative knives using historic wood from various sources. This range of Sheffield knives is increasing and is the result of  long search for the timber. Click on the image below to see our Battle of Waterloo commemorative knife.


Fine authentic Battle of Waterloo gifts made utilising 18th century oak and handmade in the traditional way.

Sheffield Scissors

Sheffield Knives

Old Sheffield Made Knives  & Gifts

Click on the link above to go to start pages for knives, scissors and a range of Sheffield made gifts

We have a range of antique and vintage Sheffield made knives and Sheffield silver which you can view by clicking on the link above. The new range of knives are penknives and pocket knives made with historic and exotic wood. Knives made with the scales made from the teak decking from the original Royal Yacht Britannia which was launched some fifty years ago were carefully stored and on the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht by the Navy we acquired a small quantity of the original decking. Have a look at these items on our Historic and exotic woods page by clicking here

We have recently added some pages of knives made outside Sheffield with a fine damascus bladed folding knife from Pakistan made in the area renowned for it’s craftsmen skilled in knife making.

If you are looking for our pen and pocket knife ranges you can go straight to them on the links below

John Maleham’s Penknives

More of John’s Penknives

John’s Premier Range

Trevor Ablett’s Penknives

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The picture is of Trevor Ablett in his workshop in Sheffield. Trevor Ablett has been in the knife making business in Sheffield for over fifty years and he makes a fine range of pocket and penknives which we have listed on his page on this web site Trevor Abletts knives make fine gifts and they come in his own presentation box. Trevor Ablett still works six days a week in his work shop making Sheffield penknives and pocket knives in the same way he always did. Another fine producer of Sheffield pocket knives is John Maleham. His innovative use of materials combines traditional knife making skills with modern precision and we have a wide range of his Sheffield pocket and penknives knives on the web site. I particularly like his penknives and pocket knives with Buffalo handles. This material makes every one of his Sheffield knives made with handles from this material unique. The wonderful tradition embodied by this Sheffield knife maker means that you can own items which are not not the mass produced products made with indifference but products which you can truly treasure in the knowledge that these  Sheffield knives have been made with pride by craftsmen seeking to maintain the old traditions of excellence which have long been associated with Sheffield and which is still kept alive today by people like Trevor Ablett. Trevor Ablett’s Sheffield pocket knives are in short supply simply because he can only make so many per week but the Sheffield knives we show are generally in stock. Finally do not forget to look at our Sheffield made scissors. British blades are still amongst the finest in the world and our knives for sale are amongst the best you can buy.

Finally do not forget to have a look at our Bowie knives, survival knives and Scottish dirks which we have for sale. Knives made in the traditional ways and some like the survival knifes made with high quality toolmakers steel. We also have some knives with snakewood handles. A very expensive patterned wood from French Guyana. Initially we have some of John Maleham’s knives with hand file work down the spring back with Snakewood handles but soon some of the other folding knives will carry snakewood handles. Like all the knives these are not production line products made in enormous quantities and the availability varies as the result of the availability of the natural materials used in the manufacturing process.


This is one of the Bushcraft Survival knives made by John and you can click on the picture to go to it or follow the links at the bottom of the page. You can as a alternative view Reg Cooper’s Bowie and hunting knives. Reg Cooper although he is in his 80’s is still producing a few items and he works in Trevor Ablett’s workshop in Sheffield. He is not the oldest knife maker in Sheffield ; Jack Adams is still going strong in his 80’s and he makes our Scottish dirks an sgian dubh’s.

Have a look at our two featured knives

We have selected two knives this week to feature and we will change the knives on this page from time to time as new patterns come in - we will try to feature new distinctive materials or some nice examples of the knife makers art.

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Have a look at our handmade Sheffield folding knife with scales made from planking from HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. The knives are made with traditional blade types which would have been used in British warships of the period. These knives make great nautical gifts. A signed letter on handmade paper such as would have been used during that period is included. We have even tried to use a typeface appropriate for that era - click here These fine collectible HMS Victory gifts are made solely for us by one of Sheffield’s leading knife makers.

We also have a range of associated memorabilia including a copper medal made using the copper from the Foudroyant shipwreck which has been set into wood from the oak salvaged from HMS Victory making a unique piece utilising materials from two of Nelson’s flagships. click here.

The commemorative knives made utilising the Lee Enfield walnut now come with a variety of centenary inscriptions on their blades including ‘The Battle of the Somme’ ‘1st Ypres’ and ‘The Armistice’. Click here to see them on our other web site.

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