Traditional Sheffield made featured knives  where we have selected several Sheffield made folding knives and pocket knives which we would like to draw your attention to.

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Snakewood spearpoint knife
Imperial Sheffield knife 300

The top Sheffield made pocket knife has snakewood scales. Snakewood makes fine knife handles and is a very expensive wood. The bottom knife is made with Karelian birch scales. It’s a Russian wood which has developed markings as a result of growing in extreme conditions. It was wood of a type Faberge used in one of eggs for the Tsar. You can see it on by clicking on the image above. It’s a unique opulent Sheffield made knife with a Lambsfoot blade.

Don’t forget to have a look at our page of knives made utilising historic and exotic wood including folding knives made with the planking from the Royal Yacht Britannia stored for over fifty years by the Royal Navy and released on the decommissioning of this historic ship last. These pen knives are superb Royal Yacht Britannia Memorabilia and make fine gifts. We also have wood from an ancient yew tree which was growing in Cornwall and this wood has been seasoned for over ten years. It makes a very distinctive knife handle and with it’s historic associations with the bowmen  of England a nice gift.

Have a look at these knives by clicking here

life and

These Sheffield pen knives are not just for collectors of gentlemen’s folding Sheffield knives and penknives are working knives with carbon steel blades and be sure to visit our page on how to care for a carbon steel blade and of course have a look at our knife accessories page. The knives are created in what are essentially Victorian workshops using the skills of hand and eye, belt grinders and muscle powered ancient presses. Hand making a pocket knife is a skilled job and today in Sheffield the art is only kept alive by a few people. These folding knives represent centuries of blade development and mirror the cultural changes which have taken place in our society - now few people make them where once thousands of people were employed.

Antique and vintage folding knives from Sheffield

Iznic 5

Our new ranges of Iznik handpainted shaving bowls have arrived. Each one is unique and handpainted in Turkey in traditional styles. Click on the image to go to to see them

Our limited edition range of shaving brushes, safety razors and other gentleman’s shaving accessories are on our other web site The new range of exclusive shaving products is growing as we find other unique items to add to our collection.

Britannia safety razor small

Shaving mug Salford

Our new range of shaving mugs is on our other web site. The first one featuring the lettering from one of Uncle Cecils trade cards. These shaving mugs could also be used for holding a variety of bathroom accoutrements such as toothbrushes. Click on the image to go to

Douglas Bader Hurricane

Our cufflink studio has a range of cufflinks made with relic metal from Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes. Perhaps one of our our most iconic items is a cufflink made from metal from a Junkers JU88 German bomber which was engaged  by Douglas Bader.

typenet 2 logo coloured

Typenet was formed out my days as a typographic designer when type was something tangible that you could  touch.  I wished to combine my skills as a typographer with real  products. Products made largely in the UK by craftsmen who in many cases were becoming as obsolete as typographic designers but who nevertheless had products which were worthwhile and which arose out of the need for utilitarian objects. Individuals working in small workshops making things as they always were made and although not many of these craftsmen are left some are still around keeping alive old skills. Visit by clicking on the image above.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

The latest Sheffield made traditional knives and other items on our web sites can be seen by clicking on the image above. The items include a range of unique products commemorating the centenary of the Armistice

the armistice 1918 2018 200

Art Nouveau Silver

Asprey Silver

Wine Related Silver

Armada Plates

Christening Gifts Silver

Sheffield & other silver

We have a range of silver items which can be seen by clicking on the links above.

The art of the photo frame 250

Alongside our historic unique pocket knives we have a range of handmade  solid silver photo frames. Each photo frame made by craftsmen and hallmarked as a measure of authenticity. We also have a range of Scottish provincial silver spoons and silver spoons made by silversmiths from other towns including London

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