Sheffield made folding knives with grips made from the historic timber of HMS Victory

HMS Victory 400

Nelsons advice to his Midshipmen. 1793

HMS Victory was Nelson’s flagship during the battle and was laid down in 1759 and launched in 1765. In 1922 she was moved into a dry dock in Portsmouth and preserved as a museum ship. She is the flagship of the 1st Sea Lord and is the worlds oldest naval ship still in commission. Wooden hulled ships always require replacement of their wooden hulls. Oak was used in the Victory and despite it being coated with copper sheathing it still perishes. The wood we acquired was from a refurbishment and came to complete with the copper shipbuilding nails which were use with all these item.  With the knife is a letter providing details of the knife and we have produced the letter on handmade paper of the type used during the period and used the Caslon typeface which is also authentic to the time. The wood was supplied originally to craftsmen for fine furniture commissions and gift items and we obtained some of the last offcuts from this work. We have very limited quantities of this wood. The scales on this knife could have been with HMS Victory in some epic naval engagements including Trafalgar - who  knows?

victory oak 1

Our blade shapes are much the same as in Nelson’s day and these knives are handmade by Sheffield craftsmen largely using the skills of hand and eye. The knife is boxed with a certificate of authenticity from the knife maker. It’s a traditional folding penknife. Sheffield cutlers will have been making knives of these blade patterns for Nelson’s navy at the time of the Napoleonic wars. The blades are carbon steel and you should read about how care for this steel on our care of your knives page’.

folding knife with HMS Victory scales

Spearpoint folding knife. Six and half inches long opened. Polished blade with one nickel silver bolster. Ancient oak scales from HMS Victory. H18  Price 78


Handmade penknife with HMS Victory scales

Lambsfoot folding knife. Six and half inches long opened. Polished blade with one nickel silver bolster. Ancient oak scales from HMS Victory. H19 Price 78


HMS Victory Knife

Magna Carta Knife

Cutty Sark Knife

V1 relic knife

Admirals Knife

Cutty Sark logo 200

To view a unique knife made with bolsters from the Muntz metal from the Cutty Sark and Royal Navy stored teak click on the logo left.

These knives make excellent Battle of Trafalgar, Napoleonic war gifts They are fine gifts for those interested not just in Admiral Nelson but nautical and British history in general. We have other HMS Victory gift ideas coming up and these will feature authentic HMS Victory and the Battle of Trafalgar memorabilia. The HMS Victory salvaged oak is in very limited quantities and if you are considering Fathers Day Gifts or birthdays buy it whilst it is available. The HMS Victory knife is accompanied by the signed letter in an envelope which we do not seal or address so if you are passing the HMS Victory knife on as a gift you can add a name of the front.

Don’t forget to have a look at folding knives made with handles from the teak deck planking from the Royal Yacht HMY Britannia.

historic pens 7

To match these knives we have some hand made pens utilizing oak from Nelson's flagship HMS Victory. We also have a ballpoint pen made using Royal Navy teak which was the finest teak stored by the Navy for the last ship in the Navy to use teak decking. Click on the logo to view these items. The teak was for the Royal Yacht and that pen come in a sheath made from Royal Stewart tartan.

Douglas Bader cufflinks 350

We have a cufflink range made utilising historic metal  including metal from World War Two Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes. We have a very few cufflink sets made from a Junkers JU88 which Douglas Bader participated in it’s shooting down over the Thames Estuary. You can see these items on


2015 marked the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. A large number of events took place to commemorate the battle. The Wellington dispatch telling the King about the battle was delivered to him at an address in the Square and the 18th century oak used for these knives comes from 4 St. James’s Square. St. James’s Square will feature in the Commemorations and we are producing a number of unique commemorative items. Principle amongst our knives is a handmade Sheffield folding knife engraved with the  bicentenary dates and with a handle made from our supply of ancient oak from number Four St. James’s Square . The Sheffield made knife is accompanied by a letter on handmade paper telling you about the oak and about the making of the knife along with a few brief extracts from the famous dispatch. These Sheffield made traditional gentleman's penknives are on our other web site

Commemorative knives covering the Battle of Agincourt  and other historic events which have important anniversaries in 2015 will be on our other web site

magna carta patina

Our Magna Carta knife using ancient oak can be seen by clicking on the picture of that oak above.

Sartorial elegance 200

Click on the image above to visit our pages with cufflinks made from the ancient copper sheathing from HMS Victory.

Nelson Victory cufflinks

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s Sheffield made folding knives

Michael’s Premier Range

Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen
House of Stewart pen holder

Made incorporating the finest Royal Navy teak in its grips is this ballpoint pen. It come completely enclosed in a Royal Stuart tartan sheath. The teak was stored by the Navy for the last ship in the Navy to have a teak deck which was the Royal Yacht

Teak decking 300

scottish driftwood black 175

From the sea we have our Sheffield made sgian dubhs with blades derived from ancient driftwood from off the Western Isles. Amazing wood, hard and highly polished we only have a few of these items and I doubt whether we will ever find another piece of wood of this age and quality. Air dried for two years they exude and embody the very spirit of the storm tossed seas from which they have emerged. Just have a look at them.

The specification for the teak fro the Royal Yacht was the finest Burmese teak two inches thick and our teak is fine teak two inches thick which was kept for the Royal Yacht. Our Queens Platinum Jubilee gifts throughout our web sites are made from this teak and you could not find a Platinum Jubilee gift with more direct connections to the Jubilee

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