A pocket knife with grips made from 13th century oak

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On June 15th 2015 it will be eight hundred years to the day since King John agreed to limit his powers and sealed the Magna Carta. This Sheffield made folding knife is hand made and produced by one of the last remaining cutlers in Sheffield and whilst a fine item in it’s own right the ancient oak grips make for a superb commemorative piece of what was an epic event in British and world history.

The grips with which this folding pocket knife is made are from a 13th century oak beam. The a beam was from an ancient building and given that the oak had been seasoned by the time it was used and had been taken from a tree old at the time the oak is probably one hundred years older.

With the Sheffield made pocket knife you will receive a letter on hand made paper describing the knife. We have used a font derived from the script the scribes used in transcribing the Magna Carta. The knife a heirloom piece is only available in limited quantities. It’s a quality Magna Carta gift item and it comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity from the maker.

York certificate
York Minster Oak2

The knife comes in two types. One with the Magna Carta laser engraving on the blade and the other without. The knife has a sheepsfoot blade of the type produced in Sheffield for centuries. It’s length opened is six and half inches

The knife without the engraving is 68. It comes gift boxed and post paid in the UK

Magna Carta Sheffield knife 300
Magna Carta folding knife

magna carta engraving

This is the laser engraving on the Magna Carta knife

magna carta patina

The price of the knife with the engraving is 78


Battle of Agincourt print
Agincourt engraving

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