Unique Sgian Dubhs made in Sheffield from Historic Material

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The Great War impacted on Scottish and British life in fundamental and far reaching ways. The Somme, Ypres and other battles produced mechanized carnage on a hitherto unprecedented scale. The blades on this sgian dubh come from a sniper plate from the heart of the Western Front in the Great War. The blades have been painstakingly ground out of a rusty battered piece of metal replete with battle damage. The metal is a piece of our heritage whether we like it our not and it epitomizes the courage of the individuals and Regiments involved and the sgian dubh made incorporating this steel can be carried with the pride associated with it’s history.

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You can see other products from our  historic metal range  on typenet.com which you can reach by clicking on the image above.

The wood used in the grips of the Sgian Dubh is from the walnut of a Lee Enfield rifle butt another iconic item. Walnut  was the wood of choice up to the start of the second world war and these Lee Enfield rifle butts were made by H. Morris of Glasgow and stored ever since. You do not get many Sgian Dubh grips out of a Lee Enfield rifle butt and each grip is unique. The Lee Enfield was the standard rifle issued to rifle companies in the British army and other Commonwealth forces from 1895 until 1957. Walnut was the wood of choice until superseded by cheaper woods at the start of world war two..


The Sheffield made sgian dubhs on this page all come in a black box and with a leather sheath. Additionally they come with another historic item a red drawstring bag made with fabric from Hainsworths Mill. From the red uniforms worn by the British Infantry at the Battle of Waterloo, to the thin red line at Balaclava to the jackets of the Red Coats in North America and even today in the dress uniform of the Guards the same wool cloth used in the uniforms of the soldiers in these epic events is still being made by the same mill in Yorkshire. You will not find a more fitting item for sgian dubhs. That red cloth made by the mill which was founded in 1783 is used for our red drawstring bags. It’s a sumptuous scarlet coloured thick wool cloth with a vibrancy of colour.

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With the sgian dubhs on this page are letters describing the product. You get a letter telling you about the cloth, another telling you about the metal and another telling you about the wood. I can guarantee that you will not find another product which carries with it a provenance so authentic and memorable covering British and Scottish military history and of the knives themselves they craft made in much the same way they have been made for centuries in Sheffield.

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