Authentic Scottish Dirks and Sgian Dubhs made with the finest materials  in Sheffield by dirk maker who has been in business for three hundred years. These items are not imported. Jack Adams of Sheffield who is now in his 80’s has probably been making these items for over fifty years and it is that authenticity which connects you the British knife making heritage. These are not simply replicas they are the real thing.

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A fine Scottish Dirk in leather sheath with genuine stag handle. The Scottish dirk is a traditional dress accessory worn with the kilt as a part of full Highland dress. Because of the natural materials used the handles may vary on all of these items. The overall length of this item from the top of the handle to the bottom of the sheath is eighteen inches. The blade itself is twelve inches which is the traditional length of dirk blades. The blade is single edged and carbon steel. Handmade by one of Sheffield’s finest knife makers The dirk sheath has a leather strap known as a ‘frog’ from which it can be hung on the Dirk belt.




This is the matching Sgian Dubh knife. It comes in a leather sheath. Stainless steel blade. The sheath does not have a loop to hang it from a belt - Sgian Dubh’s were designed to be tucked into the top of a kilt. The overall length including the sheath is nine inches. Hand made in Sheffield. The length of the blade is three and three quarter inches.




This Sgian Dubh knife has a plain metal stud closer at the end of horn handle. It comes with a leather sheath. The overall length is 8 inches and the stainless steel blade is three and three quarter inches.



Sgian Dubh knife in leather sheath, stainless steel blade with pressed metal decorations and resin handle. Length of blade three inches. Overall length of knife 6 inches



Sgian Dubh knife with stag  handle and rigid dress sheath with pressed metal decorations. Length of blade three and three quarter inches. Stainless steel blade. These skean dubh knives are handmade in Sheffield and are authentic items made by craftsmen with many years experience. The blades come stamped and are Sheffield made and not imports. Overall length eight inches.



Address to the Haggis by Burns and you need a good Scottish knife to cut your Haggis

His knife see rustic-labour dight
An' cut you up wi' ready slight
Trenching your gushing entrails bright
Like onie ditch
And then, O what a glorious sight

Warm-reekin, rich

Planning a wedding and what better knife to cut the wedding cake than a traditional Scottish Dirk

Have a look at our traditional design Scottish Ettrick knives in our penknife and folding knife ranges and we have Scottish dirks and sgian dubhs in our antique knifes section.

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