From time to time we acquire old knives from places other than Sheffield. Birmingham was famous for it’s silversmiths and it’s antique and vintage fruit knives made with decorative silver handles are unmatched for quality. From time to time we pick up knives made by silversmiths in Paris and other places so keep looking

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Weiss pocket knife

Four bladed folding knife by Weiss of London. John Weiss & Son were London based surgical instrument makers during the 1700’s and 1800’s. The blades are each stamped Weiss. Curved mother of pearl grips withe file work down the spring back. This item looks like a fine manicure knife of sorts. The length of the handle with the blades closed is three inches, Stock number  88 Price 125

Asprey penknife
Asprey & Co.

Double bladed folding knife. Charles Asprey and George Asprey now Asprey & Co., London hallmark date letter g for 1902. Silver sides, steel blades. Closed size three inches. Steel blades discoloured. Stock number 444

Price 155


2015 marked the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and we have a knife made utilising historic 18th century oak. Click on the image to see it. We also have a number of other knives commemorating anniversaries including the signing of the Magan Carta and the Battle of Agincourt

Hilliard & Thomason knife
h & t hallmark

Hilliard & Thomason Birmingham silver fruit knife.  Previous owners monogram on one side as shown. Looks like a ‘b’ for 1876. Overall length when open five inches. Stock number 778.

Price 85

York Engine Sheds 250

See our ranges of unique gifts including railway commemorative gifts by clicking on the image left. The new pocket knife made with grips from the wood of the demolished York Egine sheds is on that site.

Plain Birmingham fruit knife

Price 45

Birmngham hallmarks

A Francis Webb of Birmingham silver fruit knife with silver sheath. A few dings on the sheath which you can see in the photographs. 1902 date mark. Overall length with the blade in it’s holder five and half inches.  Stock number 809 SOLD

Mimmie Terry on tour
Francis Webb knife

Minnie Terry was the niece of the famous actress Ellen Terry and was an actress herself. The folding knife was made by Francis Webb of Birmingham. Date letter for 1888. Stainless steel blade. The knife opens and closes ok but has a couple of dents on the silver. A tiny elegant knife with blades closed 2 1/2 inches. Stock number 805

Francis Webb silver hallmark

Price 86

Levi & Salaman folding knife
Levi & Salaman silver hallmark

Double bladed folding knife by Levi & Salaman of Birmingham. Silver scales with stainless steel blades. Opens and closes correctly but as in the picture the tip of one the blades has gone. A very small knife which closed measures just 2 1/2 inches. 1900 letter date. Stock number 806

Price 79

Arthur Cole silver
Arthur Cole silver hallmark

Price 65

Albert Coles New York. Silver fruit knife AC mark circa 1850. The blade is hallmarked and engraved on one side Jennie from Melvin. Slight bend on the tip of the blade otherwise the mechanism is ok. Overall size with blade open is 5 1/2 inches. Stock number 808.

Birmingham knife
Birmingham paper knife
Birmingham knife hallmark

Silver paper knife holder with horn paper knife. Made in Birmingham by John Rose in 1926. You take the knife out of the holder to use it. The silver knife holder is 3 1/2 inches long. The paper knife is 5 inches long.  Stock number 809

Price 115

Douglas Bader Hurricane

On our historic cufflink section we have cufflinks made from the relic metal of Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes. Click on the image left to view them.

vintage barber 200

From time to time we find some nice vintage and antique straight razors and other shaving implements. They can be viewed on our other web site which you can reach by clicking on the image on the left.

metal-backgroundssheffield copy

Visit our pages of Sheffield made pocket and other Sheffield made knives by clicking on the image left.

wine accessories 1

We have a range of barware which includes items made by Asprey and 19th century decanter labels which can be seen by clicking on the logo left.

Teak decking 300
Navy teak pen
Royal Navy teak pen

Made utilising teak stored by the Royal Navy for  the last of its teak decked ships is this pen. That ship was the now de-commissioned Royal Yacht. It comes in a Royal House of Stewart tartan manufactured by a Yorkshire mill. The Royal House of Stewart were the distant predessors of the Royal family. Click on the images to see what is and historic creation. The teak is as you would expect high quality.

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