Sheffield made antique and vintage knives and silver gifts

Sheffield made products especially silver make fine gifts for weddings, christenings, birthdays and Christmas. We keep a small selection of items made by Sheffield silversmiths but remember with any knife you buy you have to state your date of birth. We have some very nice antique and vintage silver christening sets which admirable christening gifts. For the individual items in this section of the website we do not link them to our shopping cart. All you have to is send us an email stating the item number and we will send you an online invoice for you to pay securely via Paypal. We do not see your card details or keep your card details on our computer. Our email is m.carpenter519@btinternet.com The stated price includes UK postage.

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Our telephone number is 01474879923

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fruit knives
Silver wine labels 300 new

We have a range of silver wine and silver decanter labels including many produced by Sheffield craftsmen which you can see by clicking on the above image. There is also a range of other silver wine accessories on that page

fruit knives case
fruit knives hallmark

Six silver fruit knives in original box. John Yates 1922 date. Sheffield hallmarked. Yates Brothers Hallmarks Very nice condition - a few minor scratches and scuffing to the box. The fastener still works. Stock number 228

Price 81

sheffield sauce ladle
sheffield sauce ladle mark

Edward Viner Sauce ladle. 1961. Overall length five inches. Stock number 233.

Price 55

spoons double
spoons halmark
spoons case1

Two silver spoons. Length of spoons five inches. In original box. Box has some minor scuff marks. Spoons in nice condition with no real flaws. Hall mark of Cooper Bros & Sons. 1944 date mark. Stock number  229.

Price 59

black case 2
black case3
black case1

Six butter or tea knives, silver handles.  Each knife six and half inches long. In original case which has a few minor blemishes. 1946 Harrison Brothers. Stock number 232

Price 96

Click here for more Vintage Sheffield Made Fruit Knives

viner sauce ladle
viner hallmark sauce ladle

Viner sauce ladle. 1964. Overall length five and half inches. Stock number 239

Price 37

Sydney & Co
Sydney & Co mark

Mustard spoon. Sydney & Co. 1907. Overall length 3 inches. Stock number 235

Price 25

annointing spoon

Anointing spoon. Carries the 1907 hallmark for Sibray, Hall & Co. Ltd. Sheffield with London assay mark. Overall length 4 1/4 inches. Stock number 241

Price 45

sugar tongs creake
sugar tongs creake mark

Sugar Tongs 1936 Saint Arnaud Creak  Overall length four inches. Stock number 234

Price 29

Mappin & Webb knives
Mappin & webb hallmark
Mappin & Webb box

Six Mappin & Webb Ltd. Butter knives. Stainless steel blades in original box. Printed By Appointment and Royal Crest. Silver hallmarked handles. Dated 1916. Stock number 238

Price 96

st. james razor

Remember to have a look at our range of unique safety razors. The St. James’s safety razor has the shaft crafted out of 18th century oak from a prestigious building in St. James’s Square, London. You can see it by clicking on the image above.

vintage barber 200

For vintage and antique shaving items have a look at our web site rasoir.uk which you can see by clicking on the image.

Art Nouveau Silver

Asprey Silver

Wine Related Silver

Armada Plates

Christening Gifts Silver

Sheffield & other silver

Sartorial elegance 200

On our other web site we have a range of cufflinks made utilising historic material and that includes cufflinks made using the wood from HMS Victory and also cufflinks made using metal from a variety of Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes. Click on the image left to see them.

The art of the photo frame 250

For silver hallmarked photo-frames made by craftsmen in a variety of styles click on the image on the left.  Epoch.gifts also contains a wide range of solid silver spoons specialising in silversmiths from London and Scottish provincial spoons.

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