Sheffield Made antique and vintage Silver Fruit Knives

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Pre 1814 Sheffield fruit knife
Pre 1814 Sheffield marks

Pre 1814 Sheffield fruit knife. No makers mark. No cracks in the mother of pearl. A really nice early silver fruit knife. Overall length opened six inches. Stock number 72

Price 85

Harrison Bros fruit knife
Harrison silver fruit knife 1913

1913 Harrison Brothers & Howson. Silver fruit knife. Overall longest size open 6 inches. No cracks. Stock number 73

Price 60

If you wish to purchase any of these fruit knives just send us an email to m.carpenter519@btinternet.com

sgian dubh

Another unique product is our sgian dubhs the traditional Scottish sock dagger. We have used the wood from Lee Enfield rifle butts as the grips for one of these items. Click on the image above to go to the page displaying these traditionally made sgian dubhs.

Hilliard & Thomason fruit knife
Hilliard & Thompson fruit knife

Hilliard & Thomason of Birmingham. Sheffield made silver fruit knife. Patterned mother of pearl. Size open six inches. No cracks but bend at top of blade. 1876 Birmingham date mark with Sheffield registered makers mark. Stock number 81. Price 55

hilliard fruit knife
Hilliard mark 1876

Small Hilliard & Thomason Sheffield made fruit knife. Patterned mother of pearl grips. No cracks but slightly bent blade. Overall length opened three and half inches. 1876 Birmingham date mark, Sheffield registered makers mark. Stock number 82. Price 50

Edmund Bell Fruit knife
Edmund Bell hallmarks

Edmund Bell of Cemetery Road, Sheffield silver fruit knife. Shaped mother of pearl handle and no flaws. 1878 date mark. Overall size five and half inches. Stock number 83. sold

Spitfire keyring 3

We have a range of unique keyrings. The one above is made from the armoured plating of a Spitfire shot down in the Battle of Britain. The metal came to us bent twisted and rusted and we have only managed to make nineteen in total. Each one is different and is available in a limited numbered edition of nineteen. Click on the image above to go to the site where the Sheffield made Spitfire keyring is listed.

I I W & Co, Sheffieldd fruit knife
I I W & Co silver mark

Sheffield made silver fruit knife. 1870. The mark is I I W & Co Henry Wilkinson. Overall length opened 5 1/2 inches. Nice iridescent mother of pearl with no cracks. Stock number 84. Price 65

SPITFIRE CUfflinks 200

Click on the image to view our new range of cufflinks made from Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft which participated in the Battle of Britain. Original relics from one of Britains greatest battles. Visit other sections of our site by clicking on the links below.


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Pearce & Sons fruit knife
Pearce & Sons leeds

Sheffield made fruit knife with the mark of Pearce & Sons, Commercial Street, Leeds. Particularly iridescent mother of pearl with no cracks. Overall length open five and half inches. 1877 date mark. A nice clean example. Price 65 Stock number 85

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You can see the history behind some of our Sheffield made products by clicking on the logo above.

Folding knives by Michael Harrison the proprietor of A. Wright & Son Ltd

More of Michael’s pocket knives and folding knives

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Trevor Abletts penknives

Exotic wood knives

Historic Wood knives

Scottish Knives

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Be sure to visit our page of letter openers on our other web site which you can reach by clicking on the image above

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We have a new range of leather products derived from historic leather. Items such as card cases made from Soviet cold war era aviation jackets and other vintage leather are on our other web site and be be seen by clicking on the image above.

Scottish driftwood folding knife 300

Made out of ancient driftwood from the Western Isles is this Sheffield made pocket knife. Storm battered probably for centuries the wood has been melded into one harmonious whole.

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On our other web site epoch.gifts we have a range of hallmarked solid silver products made by craftsmen over the centuries. Like our Sheffield made knives these silver items are the product of decades of accumulated skills handed down over the generations. We particularly specialise in silver spoons and craftsmen with this skill might have spent a lifetime making nothing but silver spoons.

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