Vintage, antique and other classic Sheffield knives and gifts made by Sheffield knife makers and silversmiths

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Vintage and antique Sheffield knives have always appealed to collectors and are increasingly difficult to find. Old Penknives and pocket knives in decent condition are a rarity and some of the skills associated with there production are long gone. Not only do you see the work of the knife maker in these creations you also see the art of the silversmith. Frequently the knife body will be made in Sheffield the home of British knife making with the silver casing added in Birmingham. Some folding knives will combine items like pencils and rulers plus a variety of other tools like bottle openers. The last of the present day Sheffield knife makers do not make the vast range of multi-bladed knives that were made in Victorian times.

You still have to be 18 plus to buy these knives and if you see an item you would like just send us an email. All  these Sheffield made items come postage paid in the UK. They make fine antique and vintage Sheffield made gifts and we ship all over the world. Antique and vintage folding knives come with tarnishing and various age related issues but the craftsmanship displayed in some of these folding knives is seldom replicated today.

Most of these items come gift boxed  mostly not with there original boxes because these are long gone. Boxes may be different from the pictures shown.  Where we do not have a gift box we will tell you. The prices include postage within the UK and we will advise you of how much it will cost to post your Sheffield gift worldwide. You can view he vintage and antique pocket and folding knives on this page by scrolling down.

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Vintage knife with scissors

A multi- bladed silver knife with steel blades. 1891 otherwise the marks are indistinct. Scisssors, button hook, and blade. They all function. The size when closed is two and quarter inches. Stock number 242

Price 95

John W

Price 95

John Y. Cowlishaw 1894 mark. Silver fruit knife with engraved blades on one side as shown. Silver scales engraved on one side and engine turned embellishments on the other. Silver marks on the blades and grips. Overall length with blade extended five inches. This is an elegant Sheffield made fruit knife. Stock number 971

fruit knife 3
fruit knife 2

Silver fruit knife made by John  Y. Cowlishaw. His knives are thought to be the finest mid 19th century knives. 1864 mark. Mother of pearl handle. the spring works smoothly. The Mother of Pearl has cracked on one side and been reglued. Size open 6 inches. Stock number 224

fruit knife

Price 55 SOLD

williamson penknife
Williamson hallmarks1

1902 Sheffield folding knife made for H. Williamson Ltd of 81 Farringdon Road, London. Overall length open 6 inches. Mechanism still works ok and with some nice handfile work on the back edge. Stock number 334

Price 95

Fruit knife Jn Nowill
Fruit knife hallmarkJN

Silver folding fruit knife. Jn. Nowill partner with W. Nowill. Hallmarked 1828. Mother of pearl side with each side having a crack. Stock number 333

Price 75

Wm Needham Sheffield knife
w n hallmark

Silver folding fruit knife by Wm. Needham of Sheffield. 1891 mark and dated 1906. Plain silver on both sides. Stock number 777

Price 65

Mills Sheffield penknife
Sheffield hallmark

Price 65

W. Mills & Son Sheffield folding knife with steel blades and silver scales. Hallmarked as shown with engine turned decoration. 1971 date mark. Size with blades open 6 inches. Stock number 803

paper knife 44
paper knife 44a

H. Fisher & Co. Paper knife 1915 mark, silver handle.  Length seven and half inches. In good order with several minor indentations on the silver handle. Boxed. Stock number 226

Price 48

Josep Rogers penknife
joseph rogers hallmark

Silver engine turned grips with stainless steel blades. Joseph Rogers penknife with stainless steel blades. Sheffield made with datemark for 1934. Overall length with both blades open 7 inches. Stock number  801

Price 65

Sampson Morden penknife
Sampson Morden hallmark

Sampson Morden & Co, Sheffield hallmark M 1929. Folding knife. Mother of pearl sides. Silver hallmarked blade. Closed length. Three and half inches. Stock number 445

Price 55

stag trevor double blade 200

A classic Trevor Ablett knife, spearpoint and barlow blades. .The blade has a variety of blemishes. Stock number 813 We have a recreated Trevor Ablett knive made to the same pattern as his and you can view that knife by clicking on the image on the left.

Price 86 sold

paper knife1
paper knife2

Paper knife with silver ferrule. Mother of pearl handle Assay marks for Sheffield in 1904. Overall length eight and half inches. Repolished blade. Manufactured by Martin Hall & Company of Sheffield. The silver ferrule is hallmarked.  These fine antique paper knives make excellent gifts. We have a new range of paper knives on    Stock number 223

Price 49

fruit knife23
fruit knive hall mark23

Fruit knife made by Cowlishaw & Co. Note the dots between the letters on the hallmark introduced between 1903 and 07. The g looks like the 1924 date. No obvious flaws. A minor crack between one of the rivets and the handle edge. Stock number 230

Price 45

Francis Howard, Sheffield fruit knife
Francis Howard, Sheffield silver mark

Silver folding fruit knife. Mother of pearl handles engraved with previous owners initials. 1924 by Francis Howard of Sheffield. Stock number 446


paper knife 6

Paper knife. Silver handle. Sheffield 1946 D mark.  Harrison Brothers. Silver handle. Queens pattern. Length six and half inches. Boxed. Stock number 225.

Price  49

James Deakin paper knife
James Deakin hallmark

Remember the price includes postage within the UK and the items are gift boxed.

James Deakin of Sheffield paper knife with folding knife. The hallmark is Chester 1900. It’s JD over WD for John & William Deakin. Silver scales steel blade. Size fully open six and a half inches. Stock number 807

Price 49

Mappin & Webb knife
Mappin knife

Hallmark for Thomas Marple of 41 Arundel Street, Sheffield. Three blades one of silver and two of steel. One of the steel blades stamped Mappin & Webb. The grips are horn. Rust is present mainly on the spring back. It’s a small elegant folding knife which has seen little use and the blades open and close with a snap. The length with the blades closed is 3 1/2 inches. 1889 date. Stock number 810

Price 145

Jospeph Rogers Knife
decanter FH

Joseph Rogers Fruit Knife Hallmarked for Sheffield 1915. Engraved Mother of Pearl grips. Overall length open 4 1/2 inches. Stock number 812 sold

Price 45

Lee Enfield knife

Our range of traditionally made pocket and folding knives made with grips from Lee Enfield rifle butts are on our other web site

boxed coronation gift small

For the Queens 90th Birthday we have the Coronation Crown set in teak stored by the Royal Navy for sixty years as replacement decking for the Royal Yacht. The item comes gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity on handmade paper. You can go to the web site with this fine Royal Commemorative item on by clicking on the image left.

vintage barber 200 has a range of fine vintage and antique shaving products including cut throat straight razors and other wet shaving products. Click on the image to see them.

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